Instagram Gif Sticker Design

Instagram Gif Sticker Design

What are Instagram GIF Stickers?

Instagram GIF Stickers are moving moving images and illustrations users add to their Instagram stories to express themselves more creatively. 

Once your brand’s stickers are launched, anybody on Instagram can add them to their stories and direct messaging.

Why your business needs GIF stickers

(1) Excitement and fun for your followers!

(2) Increase your brand awareness

(3) Your stories will become more interesting and engaging to viewers

How do I get these stickers?

Step one

You need to create .gif files of your brand. Don’t know how? This is one of our Instagram GIF sticker design services. We will work with you to create any designs you desire. You need a minimum of 5 .gif files to complete step 2. 

Step two

Register your account on as a brand and submit an application with a minimum of 5 .gif files. Once approved, your stickers will be officially launched and available to the public and your own account. For every .gif file you upload on Giphy, you can decide which tags you want to be used in the Instagram search field. 

Option 1

The Starter Package

  • brand registration
  • 4 stickers, with the option of: logo, typography, or brand components stickers
  • 1 custom generic illustration sticker

Option 2

á la carte service

  • One GIF sticker 25.00
  • Five GIF stickers 75.00
  • Ten GIF stickers 125.00

Logo Reveal

Brand Component


Generic Illustration

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